An Analysis of Amazon's Bookstore Algorithms within the DSA Framework.

project overview

In light of its 181 million users in the European Union in 2023, Amazon, a leading force in e-commerce, falls under the Very Large Online Platform (VLOP) designation per the Digital Services Act. The European Commission, exercising its regulatory role, has requested information from Amazon regarding compliance with risk assessment and mitigation obligations for online consumer protection.

Through a collaboration with CheckFirst, we examined the search results on Amazon's Belgian and French bookstores, which coupled to a landscape of recommendations large of 60 thousands books, reveals systemic risks, including problematic search results, confinement of user into book bubbles, and the recommendations of sexually explicit content. This comprehensive analysis contributes to the ongoing discourse on the responsibilities of digital platforms in information dissemination and the challenges posed by algorithmic curation. It underscores the imperative of responsible platform management to preserve public discourse, uphold fundamental rights, and ensure societal well-being.